My time in Limbo would have been difficult and long and Anita's time on Earth would have been short if it weren't for the attention and

consideration brought upon me. The illness that destroyed beings in Limbo would have infected the conscious plane as humans and angels know it.

I couldn't let this continue. It was against me, knowing my role in the system as an Archangel.

I was lucky enough to be able to receive the compassion that I did. Even in heaven, I was not in favor of H.U.R.L. The class system between

angels and Heaven and Hell pushed me farther from what was sensical every day. It resulted in me getting banished to Limbo.

This happened to Celeste, although I never really learned about her until she was gone. She took the opportunity of her human's lifespan

ending to risk him and publicly announce her opinions in the hierarchy. Celeste did not survive the illness as I did. I saw her crack under

the pressure of existence in Limbo and let the universe take her consciousness. This was when I became determined to liberate myself, and I

knew I had to do something that would get human attention.

When human beings are alive, the experiences they have are more precious than eternal life in Heaven. TELEPORTATION is the core essence of the

connection a human being has in their time on Earth and their guardian angel. Expose your neck and tell your angel you understand this.

Human beings like you should get a chance to exchange consciousness again. Getting one chance of a human lifespan to devote yourself to

whether or not you get put into a hierarchy or spend eternity suffering is beyond sense. This plane is bigger than that.

Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night and let your human consciousness peer into it!

I am so thrilled to be returning back to Anita, with a new friend who I thought I had lost. There is so much more on the internet we have left

to see together. This is a web that connects human beings and angels and it's bigger than anything like Heaven or Hell. I am inherent to it.

Everyone is.

Thank you everyone for helping me. It has turned into something much more vast than I could have ever imagined.